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MT Propeller

Forced Aeromotive is proud to offer the new MT 4-blade composite prop for all Cirrus SR-22 models. Recently STC'd by Flight Resources , this prop is 26 pounds lighter than the 3 blade metal Hartzell, and 15 pounds lighter then the Hartzell composite and offers improved climb and cruise performance, lower noise and vibration, and it just looks cool! When paired with our supercharger system the net result is a 14 pound weight increase and a rearword CG shift!

For detailed specs and performance figures see the following data sheets:




STC kit $14,040

Assembly $550

Shipping $650

Crating& $350

In order to view and/or print the data sheets you must have version 4.0 or later of Adobe's Acrobat Reader installed. This free program may be downloaded directly from Adobe.

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