The supercharged SR22 has outstanding climb and economy.

Now that I have had some time to fly with the supercharger I must say I love the climb and cruise is has brought into our 2003 Cent 22. The first thing I really notice is she really loves to climb. Living on the West coast can be a challenge in the summer with the mountains and warm temps. The supercharger is perfect for us because we will use it out of Truckee and Reno and the summer.

Ed Boland

I picked up my plane in Denver and went to my other home in Minden NV,725NM. I was at 16500', 182 KTAS, 13.5 GPH, but the best part was climbing out of Denver at 1100 feet per minute. Then the next day I flew to my winter homn in Sedona AZ, 458 NM, short trip so I like to get there so I went just less best power, 2700 RPM, 13500', 16.6 GPH, 191 KTAS, oil temp hot day was 194. I am like a kid with a new toy. Thanks Rod. My plane used to get oil on the belly but no more, stays right on 6 qts.

Rick DeCarlo

cirrus6.jpgAll generations of Cirrus SR22 aircraft are now approved for the FAT supercharger system. This system is rugged and provides excellent performance gains for the SR22. If you like your SR22 and want to keep it but would like more performance, especially superior take off, climb performance, and economy, this is the modification for you.

At $36,400 the FAT supercharger simply the best upgrade available for the SR22.

Financing is now available to upgrade your Cessna or Cirrus with a supercharger.

Low rates to 7.9%. No down payment required. No prepay penalty. Payments up to 15 years.

Finance your engine overhaul and supercharger at the same time.

Contact rod(at) for more information

ZERO Down Financing - Payments as low as $245.00 per month. Click for Details.